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Simple Plug & Play Passive Income Crypto Projects You Can Start Today by Dale Calvert

Earn Enough to Pay Your Monthly House Payment

In this report you will learn why many feel, that in the very near future, you can earn enough money each month to pay your monthly house payment by simply plugging these devices in at your home.


In this report Dale reveals a plug and play crypto device that he feels is an obvious Scam and you will learn 2 words that will help you identify scams in this niche in the future.

Replace Your Full Time Income

Dale will also share with you not only the most profitable plug and play opportunity in the market today, but one that he is calling the number one financial opportunity he has seen over his entire 40+ year entrepreneurial career.

What others have to say......

"This isn't the first free book that I've read by Dale and all I can say is, 'Wow!' There's so much free value and info that I can't wait to get started. I already have my plan to set aside a small portion of my monthly income to invest into several of these opportunities."

Phillip Cantu - Arizona

"There’s so much information out there on crypto which was confusing for me. I didn’t know where to start. This free e-book by Dale, made it very simple for me to start and learn how to passively earn crypto. "

Camisha Pitts - Florida

"This ebook is very informative on the different ways to mine Crypto Currency. You can’t listen to the radio or watch TV or get on the internet without seeing something about Crypto Currency. With today’s world and new technology this ebook is a great start to learning the Crypto mining world." 

Glenn Kimmel - Texas

"This book will show you ways to get involved in the crypto world quickly.  The day I read it, I tried one idea and I was was earning crypto within a few minutes. Very exciting stuff!"

Dan Zeimentz - Wisconsin

"There is no need for a lot of words to explain or express the value of this ebook, PERIOD!!... I can say for those who have studied at any level of the Calvert programs available, the Core Factor is TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY NEED TO HEAR, NOT WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR... The discipline to follow what Dale has to teach you is worth GOLD!"

David Trilety - Ohio

"Once again, Dale Calvert hits it out of the park with the information in this book. No one studies research and information like Dale. He knows of what he speaks. I'm thankful to Dale that he's willing to share his knowledge. Download this ebook and learn from one of the greatest entrepreneurial minds on the planet."

Shellie Giddings - Utah

"If you are looking to alter your path to become the success that you desire, this brand new industry is the place to begin. My goal is to become the person I was searching for. I can finally help businesses in the way that I have wanted to. This is so exciting and I can’t wait to help you to get started on this journey."

Bernadette Michael - Missouri

"This simple and easy to read Ebook, does not surprise me one bit of Dale's time and research that he has put into each Plug and Play Gadget to give Me and You the knowledge of what is, and or can be life changing steps in your life, only if you do your due diligence."

Kevin Fearer - South Carolina

"I have kept my eyes open, looking for something that would provide passive, residual income

and I am grateful to have found the opportunities that exist here. cryptocurrency and devices that mine, mint and otherwise create crypto coins appealed to me in a very powerful way. It is becoming very obvious that technology and finances are moving into the cryptocurrency realm, and I believe that it will overtake the fiat currency market in a relatively short time."

David Johnston - Alabama

"I fervently believe that crypto and blockchain are the wave of the future. Everything is being digitized for ease of use and security. Paper money will eventually go away and be replaced by crypto because it is so much more practical. Beyond that, crypto cannot be controlled by the banking system which controls interest rates. We need crypto to retain our sovereignty and our freedom. "

Curt Sommer - California

"This book gives you a glimpse of what is available from a real-world use value perspective and also potential on-going revenue stream."

David Buchanan - Florida

"...for the first time in my life, I see this incredible opportunity that can get me the financial freedom I have been seeking my entire life as something that is so simple, so doable and yet so rewarding that it blows my mind!"

Michael Clark - Tennessee

"These gadgets in Dale's book make way too much sense. I have invested in my first one. This world is in a massive transition and what hubby and I see is bringing the wealth back to the people. This book gives you that start to get your family on the right track without taking time away from family."

Tara Winsor - Canada

"The digital financial markets are growing fast and there are mostly scams and rip-offs but there are a few significant areas that will change significantly and those positioned right will benefit the most. Reading this book and doing my own due diligence has brought me to a better understanding and realization this is by far the most significant shift in financial markets to a digital financial market we ever will see."

Dan Parks - Tennessee

"An opportunity to create a passive income, and the structure to compete within the “internet 3.0”, “meta-verse”, and the new era of a “side-gig” opportunity. Mr. Calvert, I offer a sincere thank you for your time effort and enthusiasm, affording me the opportunity to learn and follow your “crypto- decentralization-monetizing” philosophy"

Shane Rodgers - Colorado

"My life changed forever when I met Dale Calvert, a regular guy that has the experience to know how to get it done and cares enough to show others how to do it too! He's in the trenches leading by example, not just putting on seminars with no fluff. Dale and the iHub Meta opportunity has put me in the position to set my family up financially for generations to come, I could not be happier."

Kevin Maberry - Ohio

"Dale Calvert is the prime example of loving your neighbor as yourself. He gives you his experiences and knowledge on a silver platter and leaves it up to you to do your due diligence to stretch yourself. His passion to help others that want to help themselves comes loud and clear through the pages of this book. If you want change and have the courage to take action. This book is an awesome way to get started."

Kamala Robinson - Michigan

"It's exciting learning more about the Crypto space and these projects. This is definitely a new era and the opportunities for our financial futures to grow in earning passive income will exceed our wildest dreams! I have added two of these crypto projects already and I'm especially excited to be a part of the iHub Meta program."

Vicki Karschner - Colorado

"I appreciate the servant heart of Dale Calvert. His work ethic to study trends and opportunities and share freely with others is unparalleled. He is someone to follow and take action, if you want to change your circumstances"

Wini Arnold - Florida

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